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Chetali Shah

Chetali Shah
Certified Wedding Planner  
CEO and Lead Wedding Planner

Chetali lives and sleeps weddings. A self-attested perfectionist and workaholic, she has brought a new level of attention to detail and creativity to South Asian weddings that has brides, guests and even service providers talking about how she makes sure to take care of everyone!

As someone who handles and oversees every aspect of your wedding, Chetali makes sure that every detail is handled and every service provider knows and does their job well, so that you do not have to worry about anything when cherishing life’s most precious moment.


Wedding Elegance NYC is a highly sought-after full service wedding design, planning and consultation serving the New York and New Jersey community. Our expertise lies in creating luxury South Asian wedding experiences, regardless of whether your event has 50 people or 1500 and whether it’s in your backyard or the top of the World Trade Center.

We find you the best value with whichever service provider you choose. While we bring our carefully vetted list of preferred vendors to the conversation with you, we will never disqualify any service provider without reason.

Through over ten years of experience planning weddings, Wedding Elegance NYC has grown into a team of creative, efficient, passionate and diverse professionals that not only reflects the strengths of our work ethic, but also displays the variety of weddings we are able to take on. Time and time again, our team has come together to create exquisite events in immaculate detail that left indelible memories in the minds of guests and hosts alike.

Further, we only work on one wedding at a time

If you have booked us for a day or a weekend, our team and its resources are at your disposal for the entire duration of the event. We will not shortchange you or send someone less qualified in our place.  We don’t cut corners. Anywhere.

Chetali takes her craft seriously, which she proved by becoming a Certified Wedding Planner by The Bridal Society. This means that she not only meets expectations set by brides and industry experts, but has surpassed them in every regard. She knows she’s on the right track when friends of her brides time and time again say “Really?! My wedding planner didn’t do that for me.” 

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