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Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say - Wedding Elegance NYC Reviews

At Wedding Elegance NYC, we take pride in our ability to exceed our clients' expectations and create unforgettable celebrations. With over 15 years of experience in coordinating, planning, and executing all aspects of weddings, we have built strong relationships with vendors and subject matter experts to ensure that every detail of your special day is executed flawlessly.

Don't just take our word for it - hear what our happy clients have to say:

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As a newlywed herself Chetali could empathize with me on a level many wedding coordinators could not. Adding Chetali to my team was THE BEST DESICION EVER! She literally took all my stress and asked me to let her handle it all. She helped out from creating a master wedding timeline, to organizing my favors. Even though she only had less than 5 weeks to take everything from my hands and get on board. Before I gave all the responsibilities, Chetali told me that she wanted me to be stress free and not worry about one thing. She was truly like a fairy Godmother, a bridesmaid, one in all. Chetali went above and beyond for us. She started off by following up with all our guests who hadn’t sent in their RSVP’s. She then followed up with all my vendors and since I hadn’t met most of my vendors. She set up all my appointments and even accompanied me to some of them. She was so dedicated within that short time frame, she managed to go to my venues and meet the venue coordinator.I have never met someone as passionate and dedicated as Chetali and her team at Wedding Elegance. A lot of my family and cousins actually thought she was my cousin. She got along with everyone and was really a blessing in disguise. Chetali and Annie together ran the entire show and respected all my wishes and incorporated all the tiny details I had asked for. I couldn’t be happier than I am when I think about how smoothly our wedding day and it was all thanks to Chetali Ghumaste. She is truly a wonderful wedding coordinator and if you hire her you will not regret it.

Sent on 02/25/2016

Manan D

I got really lucky

I got really lucky when booking Chetali as my wedding planner with the highly recommended DJ Mehul. The combo is well put together, prompt and attentive to detail from start to finish and they made sure everything was on point from planning to music to grand entrance to open dance floor. Highly recommend, totally worth it.

Sent on 06/25/2020

Sejal P

Patel and Francis Wedding 12.1.2019

The very minute we contacted Chetali for wedding planning and services, we were in excellent hands. We got the guidance we needed from timelines to in person meetings and of course the best music selections from DJ. During the wedding to grand entrances, to performance coordination, speeches and then to the dance floor, everything was extremely smooth, we couldn't be more happier. Thank you!

Sent on 09/07/2020

Sheila M

Malik's Wedding

One of the best person we have met. Chetali is so good at what she does. Super detailed and dealing with us is no joke. She took care of our needs with such ease and never made us feel pushed or rushed. Thank you so much. Call her for your planning needs, you will not be disappointed. Thank you once again.

Sent on 12/22/2020

Maria T

Very organized and reliable and receptive

They are very receptive and understanding to creating our perfect wedding how we imagine and also have their own ideas based on getting to know us

Sent on 04/05/2019

Alex P

Extremely Happy

Exactly everything I wanted for my dream wedding, I was able to get from DJ Mehul and the team of wedding planners led by Chetali. We had an amazing time, we did not stress one bit because you guys were on point with planning to execution of the wedding and ceremonies. Best duo. Thank you.

Sent on 06/15/2020

Priyanka D

Desai's Rock

Chetali - event was a success, amazing job planning our event, revewing the itinerary and finding holes, making everything work together and seamless. Flawless!!!

Sent on 10/14/2020

Kiran A

On point planning/coordination

Special shoutout to DJ Mehul of Indian DJ Events in providing us with an amazing Dry Ice first dance. All our family and friends were breathless and you played some jamming
bollywood and punjabi tracks for our dance floor which kept even our diverse friends dancing all night. Definitely want to take the time to thank Wedding Elegance NYC and Chetali to plan our wedding to its full details. Kudos, thank you!

Sent on 08/16/2020

Yasmin S

Our special day!

Chetali and her team are the best. They knew what I was looking for and made our vision into a reality. Due to the covid we had to make so many compromises, but she gave us our dream wedding. We love her and she is super professional. Thank you for everything you did for us.

Sent on 11/16/2020

Rohit S

Roeena's Day!

WeddingEleganceNYC was perfect for planning our wedding and reception. Every details was planned so maticulously and everything was on time. Flawless!

Sent on 10/21/2020

Jeet S

singh and Soni's day!

Wedding Elegance is the best, Chetali and team is worth every penny. She breaks down each planning stage in detail and coordinates with all the vendors seamlessly. Super friendly personality and always calls back timely, extra careful and fully detailed oriented, perfect planner.

Sent on 09/23/2020

Harpreet G

Simply the best

Chetali with the team of wedding planners made my event very special. She even recommended highly of DJ Mehul from Indian DJ Events who was spectacular with MC and Djing our ceremony and reception.
I highly recommend Chetali as she was very organized, met up with us for every in person meeting promptly and took the STRESS off our shoulders from start to finish. Thank you

Sent on 06/25/2020

Kirti B

Bajaj Wedding - perfection!

We had the pleasure to work with Chetali at Wedding Elegance NYC. She is super friendly and planned all our functions for the weekend. Chetali made our dream of unique ideas and concepts for our reception come true. she has a wealth of knowledge in this industry and it showed. The DJ services provided by indian dj events was perfect. We were amazed with the dry ice cloud effect for our first dance and everyone is still raving about it. We were able to book DJ Mehul for our baraat, ceremony and reception with Mehul even taking the time to meet us in person and go over all our questions. He is very detailed and extremly experienced.

Sent on 09/10/2020

Radha R

Best wedding decision ever!

Special thanks to our wedding planner Chetali who was nothing short of amazing. She handled multiple changes to our agenda with such ease and made everything stress free. Also special thanks to DJ Mehul. Chetali helped us pick him based on our tastes and he did a spectacular job in MC’ing our event and threw an amazing dance floor for our guests and family. He even took requests on the spot and blended everything so smoothly.

Sent on 06/23/2020

Harsh M

Best Wedding Planner in the Biz...

Rupal and I couldn't be more happier with our wedding planning service, Chetali's team is on point and covers literally every minute, very amazed with your experience and perfection, thank you ...

Sent on 01/14/2021

Dev S

Singh's Wedding

Chetali, you are amazing. Your attention to details and your energy throughout the process has been just on point. We have made a friend for life, you are so organized and gave us a dream wedding. Thank you for having so much patience throught the whole planning process. Thank you once again.

Sent on 12/24/2020

Farah Q

Highly Professional

Mehul was incredibly responsive and detail oriented. From the beginning, he went over a detailed event itinerary with thorough planning logistics. On the day of the event, he arrived early for set up, helped guide us through the program on the day of, helped maintain social distancing regularly throughout the event with carefully timed announcements, entertained the guests and worked with our vendors. I felt very comfortable with Mehul handling our event so professionally and would highly recommend him for any event!

Sent on 08/02/2020

Sarah F

Farooqii Wedding

Best wedding planner in the business. Chetali and team assisted with all planning for our multiple events, she is super flexible with her schedule to see everything through and even met up with us in person during these covid times unlike other vendors. Thank you so much!

Sent on 09/18/2020

Arooba R

Chetali hired the Best dj ever!

DJ mehul did such an amazing job at my wedding and my sis in laws wedding as well! Both Chetali and He really knows how to run a show. The flow of the wedding went so much smoother with Chetali & DJ Mehul. Both does an amazing job for family entrances and getting everyone on the dance floor. I highly Highly recommend Chetali as a planner and Mehul as a DJ!!

Sent on 08/14/2020

Vinay R

Special moments

Super impressed with Chetali, she is phenominal with planning all areas of our wedding in detail, highly recommend.

Sent on 01/01/2021

Jason T

Thank you For the best planning

Amazing job wedding coordination service. Thank you to the team We will be in touch

Sent on 09/14/2020

Monali S

Shah's Wedding

Chetali and team are very thorough with planning, she is well coordinated with vendors, DJ, venue and super organized to the timings of each event detail, so well versed and experienced. Love it!!!

Sent on 11/24/2020

Shubhra G

Garg Wedding

Definitely recommend Indian DJ - Mehul and our wedding planner Chetali. I was able to even get dry ice dance and monogram for a fraction of the price.
They really worked together to coordinate our event with timings on schedule, they make this so seamless, love it. Thanks again!!!

Sent on 08/04/2020

Melaine S

For the best day of your life, hire Wedding Elegance NYC!

If you are currently trying to hire a wedding planner, you're probably reading tons of reviews about how organized this person is, or how responsive that person is. Those are, obviously, important traits to have in your wedding planner; however, on the day of our wedding, what made the difference in how the day went was Chetali and Mehul's personalities. They read the room flawlessly-- whether it was my mom being stressed, or the schedule going off the rails, or the two of us needing a moment longer to eat, they were there for us. Of COURSE they are flawlessly organized, and extremely professional, and responsive at all hours. But what put Chetali and Mehul over the top for us on the day of our wedding was their ability to come in to a situation, immediately understand what was going on, and to take care of what was needed without another word. It was truly invaluable to know that my most important day and my most important people were in good hands, and it meant that my husband and I could genuinely enjoy the day and soak it all in. All of our vendors were fabulous, but Chetali and Mehul were the ones that took our day to the next level. For a beautiful wedding, and for some true peace of mind on your special day, look no further-- you have found your perfect wedding planner!

Sent on 06/09/2021

Ravneet S

Perfect Wedding Planner & DJ Services

DJ Mehul killed it with the dance floor throwing down all our favorite punjabi old school tracks.
Special thank you to Chetali for planning our wedding to its detail along with all your girls. This was so special for me and Harjot. AWESOMENESS!!!

Sent on 07/02/2020

Farida A

Amazing wedding planner

Thank you for the amazing planning services for our baraat, ceremony and wedding reception. Chetali is a gem to work with and she knows her stuff inside out. Superb

Sent on 11/01/2020

Hajiaabas A

GREAT Wedding Planning

Chetali is well put together in planning to execution of all wedding functions for our family thank you

Sent on 11/01/2020

Anjana B

Bedi Wedding

We contacted Wedding Elegance NYC and Indian DJ Events regarding a last minute Covid wedding, even on a short notice, we worked with Chetali from Wedding Elegance NYC to plan out our ceremony and reception.
We also worked with DJ Mehul and he was very detailed and informative on all our DJ needs. Both DJ and Planning services were on point, they were in sync throughout the whole event with minimal to no supervision from our part or family. These 2 companies really know how to take on a wedding to its detail. A++

Sent on 08/21/2020

Darren S

Best planner in the market

Thank you Chetali for taking such good care of our wedding day. You are the best to work with. A++

Sent on 12/13/2020

Bhavi H

Perfect duo

The combo of Mehul and Chetali was excellent for our wedding functions. They are well experienced from handling planning services to music selections to entrance and even ceremony song selections. we got a very reasonable quote and booked them right away as they were so accommodating and flexible.

Sent on 06/15/2020

Vibhra G

Destination wedding

Destination wedding planning: Long overdue but definitely want to give my full thank you to Chetali for planning our destination wedding to Cancun Mexico.
We were so ecstatic to have you work with all the vendors overseas and cooridnate our weddding ceremony and reception to perfection. Kudos

Sent on 01/06/2021

Vrunda S

Planning with perfection

Chetali, you're just amazing. From start to finish and in such a short made everything happen for us. Thank you so much for everything. You're super detailed and took care of all the details...even the small small details. My mom can't stop talking about you. We love you and can't wait for you to paln our grand reception.

Sent on 01/18/2021

Palak S

The Shuklas

We couldn't ask for a better wedding planner in Chetali, she was amazing on how diligent she was with her team in assisting in meetings to meeting up during covid times and even planning
every event detail by the minute. Also we couldn't ask for a better DJ. I can't rave enough about DJ Mehul and his services as he was an excellent MC alongside with crafting up perfect mixes for our dance floor. The best turn out which exceeded our expectations, definitely recommend to all.

Sent on 08/28/2020

Fatima A

Ahmed's Wedding!

OMG, Chetali and Wedding elegance were so well organized and very detailed in organizing our wedding from the start. Highly recommend and she is very talented, diligent and experienced, look no further. A++++

Sent on 10/27/2020

Sarina M

Majeeds forever!

Best wedding planner, Chetali knows her stuff from initial call to the very end of the event. Highly recommend.

Sent on 10/29/2020

Jeet S

Forever Singhs!

Booking Chetali was our best decision. Her team was very involved and making all the biggest decisions for planning easier than can imagine. She became family to us instantly, thank you Chetali, you are a gem.

Sent on 11/30/2020

Shah S

Wow super amazed with Chetali

Chetali & Mehul are a super combo. They show up to every walk through, are on all vendor meetings and very detailed. Love you guys thank you

Sent on 06/18/2021

Priyanka J

Superb and amazing!

We booked Chetali from Wedding, highly recommended from wedding wire as our lead wedding planner.
She is very detailed to our itinerary and very adaptive to our needs in coordinating our wedding services... Highly recommend as we are very satisfied with her work, thank you!

Sent on 07/05/2020

Sajna S

Chetali & Mehul are truly the most talented planners

Chetali & Mehul are the best of both worlds when it comes to planning our wedding. They are very keen on detail, logistically everything is on point from timelines to execution to changes that may happen and accommodating in that process. I wish we had known of them and hired them for my elder sisters wedding as well but we got the opportunity to get them on board for ours. Thank you so much

Sent on 06/23/2021

Krishna S

Shah's are the best

Best in the business, Chetali and team of Wedding Elegance gave us a phenominal deal for a full planning services, we did not have to worry about anything when it comes to Chetali and anything regarding about our wedding/reception. thank you for everything.

Sent on 12/04/2020

Mohin V

Verma Wedding

Wedding elegance took the lead in every way in cooridinating our wedding formalities. We didnt even know where or how to begin but Chetali is a master planner and she works so efficiently with how she guides me and my family, with vendors, ballroom staff, caters, etc. The more people involved, the more she is creative and getting the job done without worries and everything is done to the minute. The best part is that she is super humble so we couldnt be more happier.

Sent on 09/12/2020

Vinita P

Luxury Planner at its finest - Chetali

Amazing - Chetali is a gem to work with. She and her team worked very hard and from the start, she is very hands on with our ceremony, reception and sangeet night. Her whole team even stays till the very end of the event which is rare, she is well coordinated with all the vendors for showing up on time and genuinely cares to see us happy along with her team. Very highly recommended - Vinita & Arun

Sent on 07/28/2021

MIra P

Best wedding planner

Chetali is simply the best to work with. She spent a few hours on the phone with us to answer all our questions about our fusion wedding, her timelines are super detail, she comes with 4 staff including her husband Mehul who is a phenomenal DJ, they had a dedicated team assistant for me and another for my fiance. Everything from taking family pictures to puja ceremony to grand entrances were on point and we love her and her team, thank you

Sent on 08/13/2021

Ruby A

Simply amazing, look no further!

Chetali was an absolute dream to work with. Very detailed oriented, professional and she was on top of all the details. All I did was relax and enjoy my special day. Look no further, Chetali is your girl. Thank you

Sent on 08/08/2021

Sarika P

Patel's Rock!

OMG I couldnt be more happier with Chetali and team. She knows her craft, extremely well experienced in how she handled our wedding coordination and planning with vendors, dj, venue, family, friends, highly recommend.

Sent on 11/01/2020

Sheila P

wedding of the punjabi's!

From our initial call to our meet up in person, Chetali was so well planned and prepared for all our wedding details, she has insight on every type of scenario for baraat, ceremony, reception and we couldnt be more happier for our dream wedding with her taking the lead in guiding us, highly recommend.

Sent on 12/09/2020

Adam M

Simply amazing from start to finish

We hired Chetali and her husband Mehul, late with less than a month before our wedding day to be our day of coordinator and she came up huge by immediately jumping into action to get everything under control and organized. She was incredibly responsive answering texts phone calls and emails almost right away every time. The day of our wedding absolutely everything was either in time out early. At one point one of our vendors ghosted us when the were supposed to show up to turnover the room and despite that Chetali still got it taken care of and got the room tuned over for us early! The best part was they handled all the issues of the day with little or no involvement from me or my wife so we could enjoy our big day. On top of the outstanding professional work both Chetali and Mehul were both kind, caring, and fun people to have around all day. Both our families and ourselves cannot stop raving about them personally and their work.

Sent on 11/24/2021

Tina S

Shah's wedding

Chetali and her team are just magical. From planning to execution, the team has given us the best wedding. We wouldn't have even thought about the details and to figure out how to plan this under the covid restrictions. We love her and her team. Super professional and made us feel so at ease about everything. The best!

Sent on 12/15/2020

Abid B

Bhatti's Rock

Big shoutout to Chetali for coordinating our wedding efforts with details. Timeline and event execution was on point, everything was done so professionally that our family just enjoyed all throughout the evening. Best planner in NYC!!!

Sent on 10/08/2020

Sam D

Desai Wedding

Highly recommend Chetali for our wedding planning services, she works with all her girls collectively and they are all on the same page with every single detail. She was recommended by DJ Mehul and they made our wedding event a dream come true, thanks for the stellar job.

Sent on 10/03/2020

Amit V

Vohra's Wedding

The team of Chetali was highly recommended by DJ Mehul of Indian DJ Events and we did not look back. Chetali and team are phenominal at what they do, they are so super detailed to the minute of our wedding functions, we were amazed of their experience and the team is very well coordinated with music ques, entrances with DJ Mehul, great combo. Thank you

Sent on 11/09/2020

Asma B

Bhatt's Rock

Chetali was a recommendtion by our DJ and we were happy that we went ahead and booked her servies. She is super professional and will guide you in everything and all the processes. So on point about everything. Thank you so much for making our event so smooth and you are simply spectacular.

Sent on 12/19/2020

Chetali and Mehul were a God sent answer to my prayers!! My daughter's wedding had to be arranged in a very tight timeline, and we found her through DJ Raj and hired her as the last mile wedding planner.
My life became smoother right after I hired her, since she took over answering and addressing all the questions from the bride and the groom. Deciding on the wedding décor was very hard for me and I handed it over to Chetali's able hands. She coordinated with the decorator on the finer details of flowers and the stage setting etc and it turned out to be one of the highlights of the event!! She and Mehul drove 5 hours to view the venue and meet us before the event!! Everything from photoshoots/ DJ/ Décor/ Hotel accommodations/ Food vendors/ event flow were coordinated wonderfully!!
And finally I have to thank Mehul and team for actually coordinating all these on the day of the event and ensuring all the gifts and articles were packed and loaded into our vehicles!!
This is an excellent team to be chosen as wedding planners!! Thank you Chetali and Mehul!!

Shradha P

Chetali and team are a gem to work with. Chetali planned our event from start to finish with multiple in person meetings to showcase her passion of event planning and how much she cares to see me and Ronak happy. As time lines and agenda changed, Chetali showed her leadership and experience as nothing phased her and her team, she guided us and our family during the ceremony and reception. Excellent and experience team to work with, highly recommend.

Ariya P

OMG!!! I do not even know where to begin. CHETALI is the best and this is an understatement. She knows her craft inside out, everything from initial call to planning to execution of the event. We felt so comfortable as soon as she walked into our full planning efforts and took literally ALL the stress from our families. We are so blessed to have had her and her team, super amazed and super proud of her work because she literally is the best decision we made for our wedding.

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